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    It’s unbelievably true!

    It’s unbelievably true!

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    If Sherlock was on Blues Clues

    “A clue? Of course there’s a clue, there’s always a bloody clue. Shut them up.” 

    He just figured out Blue’s Clues, because he’s infinitely smarter than us.

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  3. ianbrooks:

    Creepymons by Chewy-Meowth

    You gotta collect ‘em all, but in Chewy-Meowth’s horror-inducing interpretations, maybe it’s best you just let them do their thing.

    Artist: DeviantArt

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    Realistic Pokemon Sizes

    Created by RJ Palmer

    deviantART | Tumblr

    Follow him (:


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Lion King
  8. myedol:

    Vegetabrella by Yurie Mano

    This is pretty rad-ish, but lettuce not get too excited, the umbrella will allow your head to romaine dry but it’s not very tasty. I know the puns are corny but I really don’t carrot all.

    Artists: | Website | [via: Spoon & Tamago]

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